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A Sweet Mystery

A short film I wrote, directed, filmed, edited and graded. My goal of this film was to capture the most creative shots I could whilst directing and learning new lighting techniques. It was all filmed on my Sony a6300. I used Arri 150W lights to create the very sharp lighting disctinctive of film noire. The grading was deliberately done very contrasty, pushing the shadows very low and giving the midtones a warmth throughout the film.

A "Wheelie" Nice Evening

This video involved high speed rolling shots using a gimbal. I wanted to prove to myself that I could capture cinematic rolling shots that were focused well and stable enough to imitate some scenes from my favourite hollywood films. I am most pleased with the shot at 1:14.

Team SURTES Formula Student Society

This is a 2 minute promotional video I made for the Team SURTES Society at the University of Surrey. It was made to promote the launch of their new car SE3 and to encourage more members to sign up next year.

Ben Lyons - 1 Minute Documentary

This was made for my first university assignment - we had to create a documentary capturing someone carrying out their hobby that lasted no longer than 1 minute. 

Living Is Easy With Eyes Closed

This was my first time working on a short film. 
My flat mate came to me with a script idea and I told him I'd love to help him create his vision - we worked together to create this short shooting it all on one weekend. I shot the film entirely on my small mirrorless Sony camera. We weren't able to hire any lighting at all so I quickly discovered the implications of the sun emerging in and out of clouds - very, very inconsistent lighting. 


Making this video was the first time using my Sony a6300 and using gamma curves such as S-log 3 and 2. It consists of what it describes in the title... exploring.

The Making Of a Summer House

This was made to document the building process of a summer house. Shot on my first camera - 700D. I used a vintage Helios 44m Lens with custom anamorphic shaped aperture blades which created crazy flares and oval bokeh.

Black Tie

This 1 minute video was created for the video platform Vidsy. It was created for a brief that needed to show someone getting ready to go for a party.



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